How fast is the wireless internet?
Cowboy.Net wireless residential clients have a minimum total bandwidth of 1 Mbps for upload and download speeds, which is approximately 18 times faster than dial-up internet speeds.  Having symmetrical upload and download speeds dramatically increases data transfer rates.

How does it work?
A directional 12″-15″x 10″-12″ antenna or smaller is placed at your location . This antenna communicates via radio transmissions with our wireless base station which is  located on a nearby tower. For the computer or computers being provided the service, they only require an ethernet NIC (network interface card).

I have heard stories about security problems with wireless data transfer.  Is this true?
No, we use encryption and MAC address authentication for all of our wireless links. This makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access our wireless networks. No one will be able to see your data except you. You can rest assured that your sensitive data is safe with us!

Is it like satellite internet or satellite TV?
No, satellite internet use wireless links from geostationary orbiting satellites that span huge distances from the Earth’s surface. These distances cause bandwidth and latency issues.  Your wireless signal with Cowboy.Net is picked up from a base station tower located in the cities providing service.

Does it cost more to provide service to multiple computers?
Yes and no. A residential broadband router with an onboard switch is required to provide access to multiple computers on a local network and we do not provide one for you. However, we do not charge extra for providing service to multiple computers. Residential routers usually cost about $49.99.  If you own your own, you may provide it and do not need to purchase one.

Do I need telephone service?
No, the service’s functionality is wireless. We will install a Category-5 (ethernet) cable to provide power to the radio located at your residence.  There is no need to have a circuit from you to the phone company.  These circuits are only required for DSL and dial-up internet.

Are there any deposits required to start the service?
There are no deposits required.  All that you pay are the installation costs and monthly service fee.

Do I perform the installation or does Cowboy.Net?
Cowboy.Net installers will perform the installation and ensure proper functionality.  The customer does nothing!

How do I get started with the service?
To get started, just take a few minutes to fill out a Site Survey application at one of our offices, you may also download and fill out the site survey form that is linked at the top of this page and email back to us at support@cowboy.net.  This application will give us the information we need to determine whether or not the service will function at your location.  The application and visit is FREE!

Do weather conditions affect the service?
Weather is actually the least concern for wireless internet.  A torrential downpour of rain at a rate of 4 inches/hour may decrease the signal level by about a 1/4 of a decibel (dB), which will not cause packet loss or interruption of service.

Do I get a public IP address(es)?  Does Cowboy.Net block ports?
You are provided with a public dynamic IP address.  If you require more than one, they are $4.00/month.  You are not placed behind a proxy server, therefore you can host online games from your home computer without having to worry about crucial network ports being blocked and you can communuicate with other devices on the internet with ease.

Can I remotely check my e-mail from other computers?
With Cowboy.Net, you can check your e-mail from any computer that has an internet connection, even if the service is not provided through Cowboy.Net!  For example, if you are at a library, school, or on vacation you can just pull up our website (http://www.cowboy.net/) and check your e-mail using your username and password given to you when you set up your service.

Where is Cowboy.Net located?
Cowboy.Net has a main office in Stillwater, OK. Click here to view our contact information.