Dial-up Internet
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How fast is the dial-up internet?
Cowboy.Net clients have access to U.S. Robotics Total Control Digital Modem hubs providing speeds up to 53.3Kbps if using a V.90 or X2 compatible modem.

How does it work?
All you need is a computer with a dial-up modem and an operational analog telephone line!  Your modem communicates with us via the telephone line and our POP (point of presence) forwards you to the internet.

Will I be charged long-distance telephone charges?
Cowboy.Net has local dialup numbers for most of the world.  Cowboy.Net also provides a roaming service that allows you to use your internet service from almost any city in the United States via local dialup numbers.

Will I get busy signals?
The lines/customer ratio is 5, so you should not experience any busy signals!

I am kicked offline with my current ISP.  Will this occur with you?
As long as your telephone lines are functioning properly, you will not get kicked offline.

Is there any software to install?
No, your operating system contains all necessary software for the ability to get online with us!  We provide the instructions to configure your account on your computer.

Does it cost me to start the service?  How do I start it up?
There are no deposits or start-up fees of any kind for this service!  Just take a few minutes to sign up at one of our locations and pay for your first month of service.

When will I be able to use my new service if I sign up?
No more hours of waiting for your internet service provider to start up your service!  Once you sign up, your e-mail and internet access is immediately ready to use.

Can I remotely check my e-mail from other computers?
With Cowboy.Net, you can check your e-mail from any computer that has an internet connection, even if the service is not provided by Cowboy.Net!  For example, if you are at a library, school, or on vacation you can just pull up our website (http://www.cowboy.net/) and check your e-mail using your username and password given to you when you set up your service.

If I have problems with my service, what do I do?

Cowboy.Net provides free technical support.  You may also visit our website for technical assistance in the Technical Support section.

Where is Cowboy.Net located?
Cowboy.Net has offices in several Oklahoma cities.  Click
here to view the locations of the offices.

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Residential $19.95/Month   $99.75/Six Months   $199.50/Year

5 – POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts

Student/Faculty $16.95/Month   $84.75/Six Months   $169.50/Year

2 – POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts

Senior Citizen $16.95/Month   $84.75/Six Months   $169.50/Year

2 – POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts

Business $29.95/Month   $149.75/Six Months   $299.50/Year

5 – POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts

Non-Profit Organization $19.95/Month   $99.75/Six Months   $199.50/Year

Static IP Address $5.00 / Month (optional)

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